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“Now here’s a doll May Canaday would make if she watched The Brothers Quay Collection while listening to Nightmare Picture Theatre and hadn’t slept in a week. Weird, misshapen and tortured, these unusual handmade dolls are...definitely not for children, unless you want them to have nightmares.” — Rue Morgue

"I've come across these Strange Dolls a few times recently and I have to say that it has inspired me to create my own art. Something about them is uniquely authentic. The artist has taken influences from culture but worked at interpreting that culture, and in doing so created her own language. When viewing the dolls it's as if you are watching a film in that unknown language, one that mesmerizes but always keeps it's mystery."

"Absolutely love Beth's creations. Such a lovely, dark, world of beautiful dolls."

"I have been a big fan and collector for several years now. The quality of the artwork is superb and the feelings invoked by the dolls are conflicting, intense, and wonderful."

"I have the largest collection of boxes/cases in the world designed to hold my harmonica. Each one is individually crafted by artists from throughout the world. Beth has created 4 different doll-cases for me. Each doll case is a fabulous, unique, piece of functional art, designed to hold the harmonica. She is a creative professional who takes great pride in each piece of artwork. And above all, she has a good dose of bizarre wonderfulness." - Hoff the Harmonica Case Man